How to get used to progressive no-line bifocal lenses?

May 17th, 2010 by admin in Bifocal Glasses, Progressive Lenses

Nowadays, progressive lenses have become more and more popular in market.
Progressive wearers getting taller and taller, even for younger. They could provide a graduated range of vision from distance to near, without a line. And of cause, they can bring people a good-looking.
But there are still some disadvantages of progressive lenses. A new progressive glass usually requires new users to undergo a period of adjustment. They often need to tilt their heads slightly to sight through the appropriate part of the vertical progression.

The following tips will let you know how to make adaptation easier.

1. Put on your glasses and leave them on for as long as you can. If you are having problems focusing, do not remove the glasses. However, if you find yourself suffering from dizzy spells or headaches, remove your glasses for an hour or so until the symptoms pass, then put the glasses back on.
Nose Pads adjustment:
When you received your bifocal glasses, there is a bit further adjustment you can do if you don’t feel right about the bifocal line,most progressive wearers find this very effective
The nose pads could be squeezed or push wider Please push the nose pads a bit closer or apart to adjust.

2 .Make a deliberate effort to train your eyes and brain to adapt by pointing your nose directly at the object you want to focus on. Moving your eyes without moving your head is a rookie mistake; it causes you to look through the distorted part of the lens, which will blur the image. The clear part of the lens is along the vertical corridor in the middle.
3. Give yourself time to adapt. It may take days, weeks or even a couple of months to get used to your new lenses.
4. Consult your doctor if a couple of months have passed and you are still struggling with your new lenses after a few days. He/She can help you mark what part of the lens your eye must look though to read at different distances, which can help you figure out much more quickly where to look when wearing your lenses.

Anyway, it is important to know that some guys can’t tolerate progressive lenses at all, no matter how long the adjustment period. If you continue to have problems with your vision or experience persistent “motion sickness” when wearing your progressive glasses, we recommend you discard them and go with transitional bifocal glasses or get two pairs of glasses(one for distance use and one for reading use).

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