Advantage and disadvantage of bifocal eyeglasses lenses

May 13th, 2010 by admin in Bifocal Glasses

There is a vivid saying always describing the symptom of vision problem presbyopia:” too short arms”. Actually, majority of people cannot escape from such eye disease because of the growing age. At our early years, we may don’t need to wear prescription eyeglasses lenses or just for correcting a minus diopter, but when the folks come their age of 40s or even 50s, items closing to their eyes seem to become to be fuzzy. Patients who are suffered from the disease of presbyopia usually need to strengthen the arms to the limit to have a clear vision for reading materials, such as magazine, newspaper and so on. If you belong to the group of guys who just have the problem of looking at distance, you can wear single vision reading eyeglasses lenses, however, more individuals need to wear bifocal eyeglasses as they also have the vision problem of myopia!

As what we talked above, bifocal eyeglasses lenses can solve two vision problems at the same time, you needn’t to prepare two separate pairs and switch them at different situations, and it will be especially convenient for the patients. Though such eyeglasses lenses are already very popular among many individuals, however, there are still some problems, such as visual dizziness, headaches and image jump. So, how does this phenomenon happen? We don’t have such trouble when we are wearing single vision eyeglasses, so, it should be because of the lens function, let me explain it.

Franklin is the first scientist who designed the first pair of bifocal eyeglasses, at that time, he just simply put a half reading segment into the whole frame, and the other part is ordinary Rx eyeglasses lens. After many years of evolution, the portion of the whole lens is becoming smaller and smaller, and that’s the main reason why these phenomenon take place, there is usually a crossing line in bifocal eyeglasses lenses. So, you may feel image jump when you are wearing new bifocal glasses, even if you have experience of wearing them, just because of the different pairs, then, coming with the other vision problem of headache and dizziness.

All in all, you will need some time two adjust bifocal eyeglasses lenses, and the period depends on the adaptability of your brain, some lucky guys may just need several days, others may take more than a week! However, I should remind you that if your new bifocal eyeglasses are really hard to adapt for your eyes, and the period can last for more than half a month, you should come back to the optician to check if they had a wrong prescription!

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